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Reflector Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Blakeley Bartee

Blakeley Bartee is a senior writing and linguistics major. Although this is her first year on the Reflector Magazine staff, she began working for The George-Anne newspaper during her freshman year – in other words, she’s been here forever. Blakeley’s interest in journalism is closely linked with her habit of asking too many questions. After covering everything from breaking news to public speeches, she was ready to dive into Georgia Southern’s premier student lifestyle magazine.

In her free time, Blakeley enjoys taking long walks, playing board games with her friends, burning candles and spending too much money on food. Her goals in life include developing a solid career in writing and learning how to cook perfect collard greens.

Reflector Editorial Staff

 Managing Editor

Noelle Walker

Hope Walker goes by her middle name Noelle. She’s a double major in writing & linguistics and English with a journalism minor from Gainesville, Ga and is the managing editor. She loves to read, and when other people’s words aren’t filling her head, she writes her own. When she’s not reading or writing, she spends her time binging Netflix. She’s an aspiring novelist, and she’s earned the title of ‘World Class Procrastinator.’ Follow her escapades on twitter @hopenoellew.


Campus Editor

Ashton Christianson

Ashton Christianson is the current campus editor and a proud journalism major in her third year of college. She dove headfirst into the George-Anne Student Media group after she transferred to Southern her sophomore year. Over time, she has grown to love every member of the organization she’s had the chance to meet along her journey. These people have given her a sense of home and she has learned something from every single person.

Culture Editor

Julia Fechter

Julia Fechter is a senior multimedia journalism major and Japanese minor from Statesboro, Georgia. Julia is back from a semester studying abroad in Nagoya, Japan, and she is now the Culture Editor for The George-Anne Reflector. She wears many hats from photography aficionado to Vice President of Georgia Southern’s Society of Professional Journalists. To keep up with all of her adventures, follow her on Twitter @juliamariesays.

Contributing Staff

Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega is sophomore journalism major from Flowery Branch, Georgia. He’s a feature reporter and has a YouTube channel called “TogetherWeFlyFilms,” where he co-creates cinematic sequences. He named his cat Lonzo Ball after Laker’s basketball player, the perfect brother to his other cat Kobe Bryant. He channels his inner singer once he hits the shower, singing anything and everything from Adele to Drake. In his free time, he spends his time playing video games, switching between  Fortnite and Rainbow Six Siege. Follow his twitter @tortega27_

Brett Daniel

Brett Daniel is a senior journalism major from Dublin, Georgia. He works as a features reporter for The George-Anne Reflector Magazine and is the current president of the Society of Professional Journalists. He also manages the Street Sweepers, a team of brand representatives for The George-Anne Media Group. He’s a super fan of Madonna and loves to practice yoga, play the piano, sing, read, and write music, poetry, and fiction in his spare time. Did we mention that he’s a punctilious grammar nerd? Follow him on Twitter @brettybosspants.

Akaria Stewart

Akaria Stewart is a senior multimedia journalism major from Stockbridge, GA. She is a feature writer for The George-Anne Reflector Magazine, looking to combine her passion for fashion with her love for writing. She loves reading a good book or binge-watching whatever her latest obsession is on Hulu or Netflix. She also loves discovering new places such as book stores, boutiques and anywhere she can indulge in her taco obsession! Follow her on IG @akariatalonn_ or on Twitter @HernameisAkaria.