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October 20, 2014  By Alexandra McCray

Grunge has been making a come back over the past few years, especially in fall wear. Traces of this trend have been seen seeping into wardrobes with a mixture of rocker chic and street style glam everywhere. From celebrities in L.A to students right here at Georgia Southern University.


A lot of the fall grunge trends making a comeback are classic pieces that one thinks of when the word grunge comes to mind. Knee high socks, tartan plaid, muscle tees, flannels, doc martin/combat/biker boots, leather jackets, even chokers are coming back. Grunge seems to fit perfectly as a fall trend because it is so heavy is dark colors and cozy prints that people naturally gravitate to.


Nicole McIntyre | Student Media


Like every trend that makes a return designers and fashionistas are putting their own modern twist on grunge. Leather liquid leggings, flower crowns, high wasted cut offs and jeans, are all items that can easily be found in stores and are ways to update 90s grunge. Think Kylie Jenner, her outfits are definitely edgy and grab bits and pieces of traditional grunge yet she modernizes her look with bright ombre hair, crisp cuts and monochromatic outfits.

Modern grunge focuses less on looking like a Nirvana groupie, and that you possibly partake in some questionable activities during your spare time. Modern grunge has a touch of femininity to it.


Modern grunge focuses less on looking like a Nirvana groupie, and that you possibly partake in some questionable activities during your spare time, modern grunge has a touch of femininity to it. It is more like edgy tomboy meets designer purses, form flattering, and sky high heels. Modern grunge possesses an element of simple chicness to it — almost like rocker glam.


The great thing about modern grunge is that you can pick and choose what pieces from the trend you like and add them into outfits you already love and they will still go together. Muscle tees can add the perfect amount of edge to the regular jeans and t-shirt look for class. Sneaker wedges are also a great way add just the right amount of trendiness to an outfit.


Nicole McIntyre | Student Media


A tartan plaid can casually be thrown over a sexy and sleek dress to dress it down. Skater skirts can be combined with over the knee socks to make them that much more feminine. A muscle tee can also be glammed with an oh-so-trendy statement necklace and a super bold accessory like a purse,

There are some pieces like dainty floral’s, camo prints, and studs that will always be associated with grunge no matter modern it becomes. No matter how you choose to embrace this trend, it is definitely worth giving a try this fall.

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Alexandra McCray
Alexandra McCray
Alexandra is a senior journalism major that spends an unhealthy amount of time on Pinterest, believes everyday whether good or bad should end with a glass of wine, knew it was love when the first words she uttered to her boyfriend were “no I’m not really 16,” takes way too many Snapchats of her cat in his bow tie collar, would only communicate via gifs if possible (specifically ones relating to the Kardashians), can lick her elbow, and likes to write…sometimes. You can follow her on twitter and Instagram at @alxmccray.

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