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Reflector Magazine Editor-in-Chief


Michelle Pratt

Michelle is a senior and is majoring in fashion merchandising and journalism and is the Reflector’s Editor-in-Chief. She is a normal college student who has mastered the art of making ramen taste like gourmet and baking a five-minute brownie within three minutes. On any given weekend you can find her in downtown Savannah living out the dream that she is Carrie Bradshaw and lives by the quote “I like my money where I can see it: hanging in my closet.” She loves social media so don’t be alarmed if you get a notification that she liked a picture from 78 weeks ago. Check her out on Twitter @michelle_pratt1.

Reflector Editorial Staff

Conrad Graham

Conrad is a senior multimedia journalism major and math minor (intriguing combination, right?) who is currently the Reflector’s Online Editor. He was born in Texas but his family moved to Cumming, Ga. in 2006. A loving dog parent to the world’s two cutest retriever mixes, Conrad spends his days daydreaming about expensive cars and praying he didn’t forget a deadline for a class assignment. His dream job is editor-in-chief of Automobile Magazine, but for now Conrad works at Starbucks on Northside Drive to pay the bills. You can visit him there or follow his Twitter @ConradGraham.

Cheryl Nuzum

Cheryl Nuzum is an English major from Snellville, Ga. She is a shameless millennial, forever obsessing over the tattoos she’ll never get and the corgi she’ll one day have. In the meantime she’s just trying to make it through life one venti iced coffee at a time. If you ever want to feel better about yourself, check her out on Twitter @CherylNuzum.


Rashida Otunba

Rashida is a senior multimedia journalism major with a minor in international studies from Conyers, Ga. and is currently Reflector’s Assistant Editor. She is a chronic sufferer of  Angry Resting Face, but she is friendly . . . unless you criticize any part of Hamilton: The Musical. When she is not home napping, she enjoys listening to podcasts and watching true crime documentaries. You can find her on Twitter @RashidaOtunba.

Contributing Staff

Kristy Daniels

Born and raised in Georgia, Kristy Daniels is a freshman majoring in English and works for the Reflector as a features reporter. She enjoys reading lengthy novels in the sanctuary of her room, but she also loves to go out to downtown Savannah and stay out until dawn breaks. Kristy considers herself a loyal and reserved person and believes life is too short to not find the humor in everything. On Kristy’s free days, she likes to go out for long runs, play the piano, look at memes or battle online players on her PlayStation 4. Kristy is excited to work her first year in Student Media and anticipates all there is to come!

Casey Rohlen

Casey Rohlen is a features reporter for Reflector Magazine. As a senior journalism major and writing minor at Georgia Southern he spends his days having fun on Microsoft Word and his nights reading about the strange and macabre. When he’s not writing, he spends his free time playing a good round of sports or doing stand-up comedy whenever and wherever he can to little critical acclaim.

Ariane Jensen

Ariane Jensen is a sophomore writing and linguistics major with a public relations minor at Georgia Southern University. She’s was internationally raised, living places such as Germany and Botswana. She is a quirky person with an empathetic attitude. Her favorite things to do include getting tattoos, writing poems, Netflix, Food Network and listening to soulful music such as Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone. You can find her cozied up on the couch in a onesie, and snacking on Gushers and any other assortment of candy. She is the Life and Style writer for the Reflector.

Kenneth Lee

Kenneth Lee is a senior double majoring in multimedia journalism and writing & linguistics. He is a passionate advocate for more Instagram filters, 24-hour breakfast menus and nepotism (but only when it works in his favor). He is the Entertainment reporter for Reflector Magazine. Check him out on Twitter @leewaffles.

Brooke Thompson

Brooke is an English major and is from the two-traffic-light town of Glennville, Ga. When she’s not writing essays or reading literature books bigger than the dictionary, Brooke enjoys binge watching Netflix, adding to her makeup collection and all things “Frozen” (she may or may not have an Olaf pillow pet…). She is currently the Cuisine and Culture reporter for the Reflector. You’re more than welcome to creep on her Twitter, @oh_brookee.