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Reflector Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Cheryl Nuzum

Full-time editor, part-time waitress, avid reader, minimal sleeper. Getting by one caffeine-fueled deadline at a time. To feel better about your life, follow her shenanigans on Twitter @CherylNuzum

Reflector Editorial Staff

Brooke Thompson

Brooke is an English major and is from the two-traffic-light town of Glennville, Ga. When she’s not writing essays or reading literature books bigger than the dictionary, Brooke enjoys binge watching Netflix, adding to her makeup collection and all things “Frozen” (she may or may not have an Olaf pillow pet…). She is currently the Online Editor for the Reflector.

Casey Rohlen

As a senior journalism major and writing minor at Georgia Southern he spends his days having fun on Microsoft Word and his nights reading about the strange and macabre. When he’s not writing, he spends his free time playing a good round of sports or doing stand-up comedy whenever and wherever he can to little critical acclaim.


Araya Jackson

Araya is a senior (sigh) multimedia journalism major and the Reflector’s Online Engagement Editor. Her post-graduation dreams include hitting the west coast for a little while and working as a record label representative (maybe.. that’s one of like, five options). As she tries to cope with the fact that she’s graduating on time, you can find her spending her days in Sanford hall and her nights at Dingus. She tends to spend too much money on music festivals, drink too much coffee, and wait too long to do assignments. Follow her sarcastic life on Twitter or Instagram @rayajacqjack

Contributing Staff

Dana Lark

Dana Lark is a senior multimedia journalism major. If she’s not running, writing or failing at hand embroidery, you can find her at the jewelry store, where she makes a living slinging diamonds. She was born with a deviated septum, and subsequently is a mouth breather. #DeathBeforeDecaf